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Have you outgrown your current home? It may be time to consider more space to meet your needs…

September 10, 2017

If you feel you have outgrown your home, it may be time to look for somewhere with a bit more space. This could mean looking for a house with more bedrooms, but that could push you over your budget. There are other ways to maximise your space, so it’s worth considering other options, from basements conversions, to attics and outhouses – it all depends on what you need the space for, so think creatively when looking for a new home and consider the property’s potential.

Basement space

There is a growing trend, particularly in large cities where space comes at a premium, to expand downwards rather than outwards. A home with a large basement could offer all sorts of possibilities, from storage space for equipment such as golf clubs and ski wear, to a wine cellar or even a fully fitted kitchen/diner. A large basement could also provide a games room, a home cinema, an extra lounge for the kids to hang out in, or a granny flat.

There are so many possibilities, and it may be more cost effective to purchase a home with this extra space, and convert it to meet your needs, rather than pay for an extra bedroom. A drawback of a basement conversion can be the lack of light though, so do consider this before deciding whether a large basement is the answer to your extra space requirements.

Attic conversion

If you want to let the light in, a basement conversion may not be for you, so how about a loft conversion instead? The advantage of this is all the lovely natural light you could let in by fitting some Velux windows. Attic conversions are most frequently chosen as a way to provide an extra bedroom, but with a little imagination it could be used for all sorts of things, from a home study or gym to an extra living room or even a children’s playroom.

Garage conversion

An integral garage doesn’t have to remain a garage if you don’t need one. It could be converted easily into all manner of uses. If you work from home it can be an ideal space to convert into a home office. It could also be knocked through to extend your kitchen or dining space, or to get that large open plan living space many people crave. Be aware though that when you come to sell the home, those who are looking for a home with a garage may be put off buying the property if they have to convert it back into a garage again.


In rural areas of Yorkshire in particular, many homes will come with outbuildings included such as stables, barns or workshops. With a bit of creative thinking this type of space can be turned into a fantastic additional living space or even a work area, and could also have potential for an additional income stream too. For instance, if it is large enough a stable or outbuilding could make a great holiday home to let out.


If the property has a large enough garden, you might want to consider adding a conservatory or orangery. This could be a relatively low cost way of gaining additional living space, a larger kitchen diner, or a play room for your kids. Be mindful though of taking up too much of the garden space though, as losing too much outdoor space may potentially make the home less desirable to future buyers.

Don’t forget that if you are planning significant changes to a home such as adding an extra room or extending, you will need to seek planning permission beforehand, so if you are serious about buying a property with a view to developing it, check with the local council planning department beforehand. You will also need to make sure you have the right type of insurance in place, particularly if you are going to rent out the space or use it for work purposes.

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