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It’s more important than ever for Landlords to ensure their properties are safe.

April 25, 2019

It is a legal obligation to make sure your property is safe for your tenants to live in. We’ve put together a handy guide to the aspects to consider when checking you’re doing everything you can for your tenant’s safety. There may be some things you haven’t considered.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

Since October 2015, it has been imperative that properties occupied by tenants have fully functional carbon monoxide protectors and smoke alarms fitted.

A smoke alarm must be fitted on every floor of the property on which there is a room used as living accommodation, and a carbon monoxide detector in any room where solid fuel is burnt, e.g wood or coal.

As a landlord, you must carry out checks to ensure each alarm is in working order on the first day of the tenancy, from then on, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the alarms work and to change the batteries. Should the alarms become faulty, it is the landlord’s responsibility for replacing them.

Furniture & Furnishings

The furniture and furnishings in your property should meet regulations set in 1988 and pass the ‘smoldering cigarette’ and ‘match flame’ resistance test and carry a label confirming this.
As a general rule of thumb, items manufactured in the UK after 1990 are likely to meet the required standards.

If you do find a non-compliant item, they should be removed from the property before it is let.

Electrical Safety & Building Regulations

Before you carry out any electrical installation work in your property, you must notify your local authority building control team before the work starts, and have it carried out by an appropriately registered electrician. You must also have the work inspected and tested by a registered third-party certifier.

Tenants are responsible for flagging electrical problems as soon as they arise, as well as maintaining any electrical items they bring into the property. As a landlord, you should provide tenants with a record of any electrical inspections. Tests should be carried out every five years.

Gas Safety

Gas safety is something that, as a Landlord, you are legally responsible for.

Landlords must:

Make sure gas equipment supplied is safely installed and maintained by a gas safe registered engineer.

Have a registered engineer carry out an annual gas safety check or service on each appliance and flue such as boilers and gas fires.

Provide a copy of the Gas Safety record to each of the ingoing tenant’s before they move in and for any subsequent renewals, within 28 days of certification.

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