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Prepare your property for a February sale

February 6, 2023

With the Christmas holiday now way behind you, hopefully you are feeling refreshed and ready to roll up your sleeves. Spring is always a great time to sell, so getting ahead of the competition and preparing for the coming months is a great strategy.

So, why not put your house on the market in February? As each day passes, the warming weather will heat in harmony with the property market. Early birds will be searching, and probably have been, for their ideal home since last year. So getting your house on the market in time for February is a savvy move, because it not only beats the rush but also gives you extra time to sell and get the price you want.

So, what can you do?

A good entrance

You and your home have made it through the winter, but there might be a few scars. Place yourself in your buyer’s shoes and look at the entrance to your home as you approach from the front. Are there any blemishes on the front door, or is there any paintwork that needs attention? Guttering? Weeds? It might not be summer, but you can still neaten up the front garden.

Outdoor living spaces

Entice buyers by showing them a vision of all-year-round outdoor living. Perhaps an outdoor fire or stove, some chairs, and a few logs. The leaves have long since been swept up, and if things appear tidy and serene, it might move buyers to buy. If they see outdoor winter living as well as a vision of the summer before and after the sun goes down, then perhaps they will move quickly.

Create a cosy and warm atmosphere

If this warm and wonderful atmosphere is also captured inside, then you are onto a winner. Offer proof of the coming spring with flowers or plants. A fire that is clearly in use and a living room that is in order (and lived in) will undoubtedly make potential buyers feel at home.

An early spring clean

It might not be spring yet, but that’s no excuse to give your home a good spring clean. If you do nothing else, your house will sell itself if it looks clean and well cared for. Combined with some of the other steps you can take, a speedier sale is almost certain.

Give your own home a house inspection

Empathise with your potential buyer and have a good walk through your house with your phone, taking pictures of anything that might need attention or dissuade a potential buyer. Even if you started this process last year, you are almost guaranteed to find areas that need painting, repairing, or replacing. If you start this process in January, then the clock is ticking and it’s best to prioritise the various jobs you find. Ask yourself if you will get your money back if you find something that involves spending significant amounts of money, or if you can improve something that does not involve large injections of cash.


When all this is done, just sit back and let your house sell itself! The hard work is done, so enjoy the proof of all your hard work during the time you have left together because it won’t be long until you will be on the move!

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