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Protect your property this Christmas

December 11, 2017

Climate experts have said that Britain is to expect the biggest drop in temperatures, for over a decade. Direct Line is highlighting the importance for homeowners to protect a property against the winter weather. The sudden weather change can catch homeowners off guard and cause problems such as damage to roof and gutters, or burst pipes.

According to The Association of British Insurers, the record freezing winter of 2011 saw insurers deal with 3,500 claims a day for damage caused by frozen pipes.

Follow these few simple steps to keep your home warm this winter, and save yourself from Christmas drama or inconvenience over the festive period.

1)Make sure your loft is well insulated
A well insulated loft will help to keep heat in your home, it will also, in the long run, work out as more cost effective.

2) Lag pipes to protect them from the cold
Pipe lagging is insulation that helps keep the water in pipes warm, not only does it prevent pipes bursting but it is also useful for saving energy.

3) Clean out guttering
Cleaning out your guttering can reduce ice build up and the risk of gutter overflow

4) Open loft doors and cupboards
Doing this will help circulate warm air into your home quicker

5) Ensure all windows are well-sealed to prevent water damage
Well sealed windows will keep out that bitter cold, winter air

6) Make sure your boiler is serviced regularly
Getting your boiler serviced regularly means that your boiler will be running as efficiently as possible, Ideal Boilers recommend getting it checked annually.

7) Know where your stopcock is
The stopcock valve turns the water on and off in your home, it’s good to know where this is in case burst pipes leave you needing to turn your water off.

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