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Win the race to rent on your next home

November 24, 2022

Win the race to rent on your next home. The rental market is busier than ever, and finding a new home may be challenging for you.

With Richard Kendall, we are always looking for ways to make your property journey as simple as possible. Therefore we have come up with some tips for you to win the race to rent the next place you can call home.

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Here are several methods you may use to improve your odds, whether you’re moving to a new house or renting for the first time.*zoopla

Sort your finances
Having the money side of things in order can get you ahead.

It’ll look good to the landlord or letting agent, and help you move faster with a rental.

Make sure you know how much money you’ll need to secure the rental.

To secure a rental home, you’ll usually need to pay a holding deposit, a security deposit and upfront rent.

Have your paperwork ready to go
You’ll usually need references from your employer, a previous landlord and your bank.

Give these people a heads up that you’ll need references from them. It might be by phone or a written reference. If they’re ready for it, there’s a smaller chance of delays.

You’ll also need to provide ID. You can use your driver’s licence or passport, or you might be asked for both.

Make sure you have bank statements and a utility bill from your current address ready as well.

If you’re renting with other people, make sure they’ve got all these things sorted out too.

Turn up on time
Landlords and agents want to know that tenants will look after the property.

Just by turning up on time and looking presentable will give a good first impression.

If you’re late, you might have your viewing cut short by the next person turning up.

Be sure to plan your route so you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there. If you’re visiting during rush hour, keep it mind that it might take longer.

And if you’re viewing as a group, see if you can meet up in advance and arrive together. It looks more organised than showing up in dribs and drabs.

If you think you’re going to be late, don’t forget to phone the landlord or agent and let them know.