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Paint your property in its best light.

July 20, 2017


Kerb appeal should not be underestimated. Tidy the garden, cut the grass and pull weeds from any paths or driveways. Consider touching up any paintwork on stone areas or any gates.

Grab some window cleaner and a cloth

Yes, we know it may seem obvious but this is often overlooked and can be very noticeable. Make sure you clean your windows on the inside, and out! Don’t forget any glass on doors too!

Get rid of the junk!

An old and wise piece of advice, when marketing your property de-cluttering really does have a massive effect! Not only does it greatly improve the quality of the property photography, but it also allows people to imagine themselves living in your home. Family photographs, ornaments and children’s toys should all be boxed up – something you’ll have to do once you move anyway, so this will give you a good head start!

Vac and clean

It’s much easier to sell a clean property. Clean EVERYWHERE. This includes behind the kitchen sink and clear the bits and bobs off of your bedside cabinet. You can smell when a home has recently been cleaned – this gets your viewings off to a great start, after all, would you want to move into a house that wasn’t clean?

Banish odours!

The smell of a property is something potential buyers will pick up on. There’s nothing worse than the smell of pet odour, so move them out well before viewings and give your home a good vacuum – make sure to open windows to aerate your home. The same goes for teenagers bedrooms!

Brighter is better

Where possible, draw back curtains and pull up roller blinds. Letting the light in will create a more inviting space and improve airflow. It’s fairly common in properties these days to have windowless rooms, so it’ wise to leave lights on, fans off and doors open.

Clear away washing and kitchen pots

This includes washing on radiators and the washing line! Let’s face it, nobody needs, or wants to see any of this when viewing your property, and it takes less than ten minutes to fix!

Leave doors open

Leave doors to rooms open! This creates a more inviting experience and can lead viewers to wonder what’s behind closed doors. Leaving internal doors open also helps to improve airflow and increases the amount of light throughout the property.

Selling your property is our ultimate goal, so we’re always happy to offer advice! Get in touch to find out how we can help you.