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A budding children’s author amongst us

July 25, 2023

Simon Kendall has been a very busy man, a busy man indeed.

Maybe you already know, or maybe you don’t, but our very own Simon Kendall has been a very busy man, not has he been running all the marathons for charity and running the family business alongside Claire but Simon has published his very own children’s book. He kept this secret from his work family and even his own family until the book was available on Amazon to buy. Not only on Amazon but “George the Lazy Rhino” is also available in local book store Darling Reads in Horbury.

Simon, as are we, is very proud of his story book. We have all had a read here at Richard Kendall and it is a super story for children of all ages. George The Lazy Rhino is about a very lazy rhinoceros that loves carrot soup and eventually the story leads to friendships, but we wont ruin the rest for you.

Have you got your copy?