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Applying for a mortgage? Here’s how to improve your chances

December 6, 2023

Perhaps it’s been a while since you moved, or you are a first-time buyer. Whatever situation you are in, if you are applying for a mortgage, you want to get your mortgage sorted so you can breathe a sigh of satisfaction, knowing that a major hurdle to home-buying has been cleared.

Take a look at your credit report
Having a good credit score is key to getting a mortgage. Make sure you are on the voting register. You may have a perfect credit history, but without it, you will fail. On that subject, make sure you pay any credit agreements you have on time. If there are some you can clear, perhaps this will increase your levels of affordability. Any credit cards that you don’t use could affect the amount you could borrow, so if you don’t need them and you have more than one, think about cancelling them.

The bigger your deposit, the better
Perhaps you are already living at home with parents or a relative and saving rapidly. It may not be ideal right now, but a bigger deposit will not only increase your chances of success but also reduce your monthly repayments. Then, when you finally get the keys to your very own home, your newfound freedom will feel even better.

Buy with your friend, partner, or family
Buying with your partner is an obvious choice for many, and moving to your own place is exciting as you furnish it and decorate it to the tastes of whoever has the final word! If you are not ready for such levels of commitment, then why not buy with a friend? Some lenders will allow you to buy with up to four people. Maybe you could pitch the idea to your parents as a property investment for them and move out more quickly!

Don’t change your job too often
If you are thinking of applying for a mortgage in the near future, changing your job is not a definite guarantee that you will not be successful. Having said that, your lender is looking for consistency. They want to see that you have been in employment for a decent amount of time, usually about three years, depending on the lender.

Get in touch with a mortgage advisor
A good mortgage advisor is worth every penny. Experts in understanding the market, they will have lots of tips and access to ways of buying your home. From improving your credit score to finding a tailored solution from the thousands of products that are available. If you are happy with your existing mortgage deal, you may decide to port your mortgage, which allows you to move with your existing mortgage. There are interest-only options for lower payments, guarantor mortgages, flexible mortgages so you can overpay or underpay, and buy-to-let options for investors. Offset mortgages allow you to link your savings to your mortgage by offsetting the value of your savings against the value of your mortgage amount. The right mortgage advisor can make a big difference in helping you get the keys to the home you want.

Here at Richard Kendall Estate Agent, we work directly with SMH Finance LLP who offer in-house professional and high standard of service to anyone needing mortgage advice. Based in Richard Kendall’s local offices, they provide the same professional and high standards of service to anyone needing mortgage advice. They provide independent mortgage advice and search the whole market to recommend the most appropriate mortgage for you.

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