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Are you entertaining the idea of moving to a better home this spring?

April 25, 2023

Whether you’re planning on moving or staying put, there are so many ways to celebrate your home. The market is now as fresh as spring, with properties appearing for sale on every corner. So here are a few tips to make the most of your home.

Indoor and outdoor living spaces
The lines between these two boundaries are quickly disappearing, and the best way to accentuate this is with glass door walls. Allowing you to seamlessly flow from a modern, well-lit interior to an outdoor area. Once outside, the possibilities are endless.

Cocktails outside
With many homes offering great outdoor living spaces, often heated, well-lit, and decked out, you can enjoy cocktails even if the weather is not as warm as you like. Perhaps you have given your garden a spring makeover to add to its value or simply because you wanted to make it the perfect outdoor space.

Preparing your dining room
The central hub after the kitchen, you can make your dining room as beautiful as you want. Candles and spring flowers are the little details that dress a table for entertaining and can make great pictures when staging your home for a sale.

Spend a few hours in the kitchen
From baking, breakfast to preparing a traditional Sunday roast, inspiration for kitchen design is everywhere, and the opportunities to enjoy it are endless at this time of year. Maybe you prefer experimenting? Add value to your home by creating a kitchen you love; perhaps an open-plan design will suit you best when entertaining friends.

You entertain the idea of moving
Sometimes you just want more. No matter how much spring cleaning, preparation, decoration, or renovation you undertake, you know you want to move. Your current home will never meet all your expectations. And though you have made great memories, when you glimpse inside a beautiful property, you instantly envision a better way of living.

The housing market
April is a great time to sell up as market activity increases. The housing market becomes a hive of activity, and this year promises to be a good one. The average number of people contacting agents at the beginning of the year increased by 11% compared to the same period in 2019. Spring is a popular time for people to move home. Fresh properties arrive on the market, and many people who delayed buying in December are now eager to buy quickly. The market is stable, with prices remaining strong, bringing more choice and increasing your chances of finding the home you desire.*