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First impressions last! Top tips on increasing your home’s kerb appeal

July 11, 2023

You want your home to stand out, whether it’s first seen by your buyers in an image or from the kerb. That first glance is important. If the rest of your home is in great condition, the last thing you want to do is alienate potential buyers by neglecting the front of your home and creating the wrong impression.

The front door
If it’s wooden, give it a coat of paint and polish the metal work. If it’s really worn and damaged, consider replacing it. Sometimes darker colours will make your front door pop, so that when your home is viewed and welcomes potential buyers, they immediately feel good before entering your home.

The front lawn
Make sure the grass is green and trim. Use grass feed if there are any patches. Sweep and weed any paths or patio areas. If possible, use a jet wash to make your paving look like new again.

Clean your widows
Get your window cleaner to give your windows a good clean in time for viewings and pictures for your agent. Don’t forget your window frames; make the front of your house pop with the right colours; and repair any blemishes.

Add some paint
The front of your home will benefit from a coat of good paint. Check the pointing. Perhaps your home does not need any paint; don’t forget gates, fences, walls, and guttering. The little things all add up to make a big impact.

Flowers and plants
At this time of year, adding some vibrancy with a dash of colour will really help your home stand out. Less is more, and not everyone is passionate about the same flowers and plants, so be subtle and keep what you have in pristine order.

Even if you have a small, terraced house with little space out the front, a small seating area can add to its appeal. For larger homes, create a vision of outdoor living that is just a taste of the splendour that will later appear, perhaps in the outdoor living space located at the rear of your property.

Conceal wiring or utility boxes
If possible, don’t allow all your hard work to be affected by unsightly wiring or an electrical, gas, or rusty mailbox. Get in touch with your energy supplier if it needs replacing, or simply give it a good cleaning.

Summer symmetry
Some things work best in pairs, and when it comes to making an entrance, a pair of ornamental flowerpots on each side of the door can do the trick. Lighting can also have the same effect as flower boxes.

Finishing touches
Hanging a summer wreath can really add some colour and show your new buyers that you love your home.

Will all of this add value to your home?
Yes. Anything that makes your home appear cared for and loved will help other people fall in love with it. While it will not drastically increase the value of your home, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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