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How have house prices changed since England last won the World Cup?

June 19, 2018

With the football World Cup in Russia in full swing, and England's win in their first game of the cup last night - we thought we’d have a little look at how house prices have changed since the glory days of England’s last (and only) triumph in the competition in 1966.

They’ve gone up!

We’re very sure that you won’t be surprised to know … prices have gone up! So much so, that they’re now in fact over 100 times higher than they were back then, a growth 3 times that of wages over the same period. We’re not referring to wages of footballers of course – we all know how crazily out of hand they’ve become in recent years!

Property vs. wages

According to online mortgage broker firm Trussle, average UK house prices have risen from £2,000 to £210,000. In the same period, the average pay packet has gone up to £26,500 from £790. So effectively, it’s now around 3 times more difficult to get onto the property ladder than it was in 1966.

Footballers of today

If you’re a Premier League footballer however, your fortunes have been rather different. Harry Kane, Dele Alli and the other stars of today, earn on average around 1,000 times more than Bobby Moore and the heroes of our World Cup winning team. 1,000 times!

Since we last won the World Cup …

CEO and founder of Trussle, Ishaan Malhi, said: “A lot has changed since England won the World Cup. We’ve put a man on the moon, invented the internet and we’ve seen technology transform almost every aspect of our lives.

“We’ve also seen the UK housing market change dramatically. Prices have soared in the last 52 years, wages have struggled to keep pace and for young people the chances of getting on the property ladder will feel a lot slimmer than they did in 1966.”

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