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Is Your Property Prepared For Winter?

November 26, 2020

Do you have a property that is vacant over the winter months? It could be vulnerable to frozen or burst pipes, or other problems.

Top Tip! Vacant House in Winter

Where a property has a good central heating system, it is recommended that the heating is left on at a constant low setting rather than be set for twice daily at a medium setting. This avoids the problem of burst pipes and prevents the property from deteriorating. You may wish to consider having the water supply turned off and systems drained down.


Sell your vacant property through our quick sale service.

An empty property can quickly become a burden, with problems and costs arising to maintain it.

Sell quickly and securely with Modern Method of Auction

How does it work?

With Private Treaty sales taking over 100 days to complete, Auction offers a faster option to sell your property. Modern Method of Auction offers a timescale of 56 days to complete, meaning interest in your property is not limited to cash buyers as there is time to arrange a mortgage. This helps to optimise the interest in your property. It also provides security, through a buyer paid reservation fee. Not only does this financially commit the buyer to the sale and reduce the chance of a fall through, but also means there are no selling fees to pay as the seller.

Online auctions

Our online Auctions offer complete flexibility and are bespoke to each property with a set start and end date. Bids can be placed by interested parties 24/7 from any location to optimise interest. Detailed property information is provided upfront for complete transparency so interested parties can make an informed decision.

Top Tips for Auctions

  • Exposure & Interest – Make your property stand out at auction. Reach a wider buyer audience, across various platforms.
  • Maximum Value – An attractive starting price, increased interest and competitive bidding can drive up the selling price.
  • Sell faster – Realistic but fixed timeframes, managing everyone’s expectations.
  • Security – The transparency of the process and fee paid by the buyer to commit to the sale, means you can move forward with confidence.
  • Pay no sales fees – We take no commission from your final selling price; you keep the lot.
  • The Team – Our experienced Auction Specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

If you’d like to find out more about our auction service, speak to one of our Auction specialists for free impartial advice.

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