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If you are a tenant looking to rent a property then as the area’s leading independent residential letting agent we have the widest selection of properties available in the local area.


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Our offices are open seven days a week and viewings for all our properties can be arranged by telephoning our office or emailing any of our 6 local offices. If the property is unoccupied we are happy to offer our accompanied viewing service 7 days a week.

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An application form will need to be completed by each tenant over the age of eighteen years. Application forms can be collected from any one of our 6 branches or downloaded by clicking here.

Outline of the Application terms for prospective tenants

Once you have decided to apply for a Property we will give you an Application Form together with Application Terms and an Individual Reference Application Form to be completed by each person. The Application Terms explain in more detail the Consents requested from Applicants, Payments due from Tenants, the Process involved and the Main Points of a proposed Tenancy. This is just an outline of these issues.

  1. You will be asked to complete an Application Form and an Individual Reference Application Form (one for each applicant). The Individual Reference Application Form relates to credit referencing and the vetting process undertaken by Homelet which is a separate company to Richard Kendall Estate Agents.
  2. You will be asked to give your consent to data and information being supplied to Homelet and to information and references being supplied to the Landlord (if requested by the Landlord and to enable them to make a decision as to applications). If the Landlord is managing the property then they may use the data and information for that purpose
  3. Any Guarantors will also be requested to complete an Individual Reference Application Form to be forwarded to Homelet.
  4. Applicants must be able to show that they have sufficient income to enable them to manage the payments due with regard to the Tenancy. Applicants must not be in receipt of housing benefits.
  5. We will require to see original photographic evidence of identity for all Applicants (i.e driving licence or passport) as well as proof of address (i.e. a utility bill – but not a mobile phone bill) for each applicant. We must also undertake a Right to Rent check to the extent required by the Immigration Act 2014
  6. You will be asked to pay a refundable Holding Deposit which is one of the permitted types of Tenants Payments which are listed in our Application Terms. Once this Holding Deposit has been paid we will instruct Homelet to begin the referencing process.
  7. If the referencing process is satisfactory and if the Landlord instructs us to do so then we will send you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement to read before arranging to sign it. We will require payment of:
    • a. One month’s rental and
    • b. the amount of the Tenants Deposit

    These are payable in advance and must be paid in cleared funds (meaning by Personal Debit Card, Building Society cheque, Bankers Draft, Cash or Bank Transfer). We do not accept personal cheques or Credit Cards for this purpose

  8. The monthly rental will be advised to you. All rents are per calendar month and are paid on a specific day in each month by Standing Order (after the first month’s rental which is paid in advance as explained below)
  9. A Tenants Deposit will be required from you and we will advise you of the amount required. The purpose of the Tenants Deposit is to cover damage or breakages at the Property. Where we are managing the property on behalf of the Landlord the Tenants Deposit will be held under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme operated by The Dispute Service Ltd.
  10. If the Landlord is proposing to manage the Property and requires payment of a Tenants Deposit then the Landlord is legally obliged to place the bond or deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme – either a Custodial Scheme where a third party administrator holds the deposit or one of three Insurance based schemes. The Landlord must tell you which scheme is being used.
  11. The Tenancy will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy under the 1988 Housing Act (as amended) and the tenancy agreement will be in the form provided by ARLA of which we are a member firm. Alternatively the Landlord may require us to use another form of tenancy agreement.
  12. The Tenancy Agreement sets out the obligations imposed on both the Landlord and on you, as Tenant.
  13. Where there is more than one person as Tenant, then the Tenancy Agreement applies to all of you together and to each of you on your own. Each of you can be held fully responsible for payment of all rent and all liabilities falling on a tenant as well as for the consequences of any breach of the Tenancy Agreement.
  14. You will be responsible for informing all utility companies (gas, water, electricity and Council tax) at the start of the tenancy and arranging final readings / accounts at the end of the tenancy.
  15. Pets are not normally allowed. If you have a pet please discuss this before completing an Application.
  16. Some Landlords state that they would prefer to let properties to non-smokers. Please discuss this before completing an Application
  17. The Tenant is responsible for maintaining the gardens at the property to a good standard
  18. You are strongly advised to take out your own personal contents cover as your possessions are not covered under any insurance put in place by the Landlord.

Please note that making an application to take a tenancy of a Property does not mean a tenancy will be granted. Although we will deal with any application in accordance with the Code of Practice for Residential Letting Agents issued by the Property Ombudsman and will process the application accordingly, a Landlord is not obliged to offer a tenancy to an applicant nor is an applicant obliged to take the tenancy until the Tenancy Agreement has been signed.

TENANTS PROTECTION INFORMATION – Richard Kendall Estate Agent Ltd is a member of CMP Propertymark, Scheme Ref:C0124400, which is a client money protection scheme, and also a member of Property Ombudsman Scheme Ref: N3734, which is a redress scheme.

Please click here to see a copy of our Client Money Protection Certificate.

Please see the link to, the Propertymark Conduct and Membership Rules for further information.

Tenants Contents Insurance

You are strongly advised to take out your own personal contents cover as these are not covered under any insurance put in place by the Landlord. Details can be found on the Homelet website by clicking here.

Further Information

As Members of ARLA (The Association of Residential Letting Agents) our staff are fully trained and highly experienced in the renting and management is residential property. This ensures that Richard Kendall offers clients the highest standards of service. To speak to a member of the Rental Team please contact us on 01924 260022 or email


When will I get my deposit back?

This will be returned after the final check out has been completed and the landlord and Agent are satisfied that the property has been left in accordance with the Inventory on commencement of Tenancy.

What happens at the end of the Tenancy?

You will be required to hand all keys in, together with a completed end of tenancy check out form. The final check out will then be carried out at the earliest opportunity.

Is my deposit protected?

The tenants deposit will be held under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme operated by The Dispute Service Ltd if we are managing the property. If the Landlord is proposing to manage the property then the Landlord must place the deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. The landlord must tell you which scheme is being used.

Who is responsible for utility bills?

The tenant will be responsible for the gas, electricity, water and Council tax on commencement of tenancy.

Are pets allowed?

This is at the discretion of the individual landlord.

What is an Inventory?

This is a comprehensive record of the condition of all items and materials at the property both externally and internally and all goods included in the tenancy.

What is furnished/unfurnished?

Every property obviously varies, but generally unfurnished would include floorcoverings, curtains or blinds, and some white goods. Furnished would include most larger items of furniture, but please contact us for further information as full inventories are provided on all properties.

How long is the tenancy for?

Usually a six month term initially, this may then be renewable for a further fixed period of time or you may have the option of having a periodic tenancy if the Landlord is in agreement.

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