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New Energy Rules for Landlords

October 27, 2017

With energy costs spiralling in recent years, and the announcement that the proposed price cap on energy bills is unlikely to take effect before winter, energy costs are high on the priorities of homeowners and tenants alike. However, did you know that new rules are set to come into effect in April 2018 that will prevent properties that do not score at least an ‘E’ rating on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) being let to new tenants or an existing tenancy being renewed?

A property that performs well in its EPC will be cheaper to run and is therefore likely to be more attractive to prospective tenants, making it easier to let and potentially increasing its rental value.

And this may have particular significance if you have an older property. Victorian and Edwardian buildings will not easily pass an EPC inspection, and time and money is often required to achieve at least an ‘E’ rating.

As April’s deadline draws closer, it is a good idea to tackle this issue now before the winter sets in, as tradespeople may be in high demand.

What steps can landlord’s take to improve energy efficiency?

Loft Insulation

Insulating your loft is like wearing a cosy hat, it stops heat escaping through the roof – just like a warm hat!

Cavity Wall Insulation

Along with a cosy hat you wouldn’t go out in the cold without a warm coat! Heat can be lost through the walls and cost money.

Insulation is more affordable than ever before and a highly effective way of retaining heat within a building.


An ageing and inefficient boiler is one of the most common causes of energy inefficiency. Replacing – or even servicing – a boiler can drive down power consumption, reduce bills and improve an EPC.


Don’t let the notes fly out of the windows! Heat often escapes from rooms in the areas around doors and windows so if you feel a draft, it’s probably costing you money.

Replace your windows with modern double glazing surrounded by airtight seals to prevent you losing heat (and cash).

Turn the heating down!

If you are happy with your old boiler, you can still make the most of it with modern heating controls including room thermostats and individual radiator valves. These will allow tenants to heat only particular parts of the home and control the temperature.

Don’t be caught out!

If you’re a landlord It’s is important to check the current EPC rating of your properties well in advance of the deadline to see whether they meet the new legal requirements for April 2018.

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