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Now is a great time to buy bigger!

June 8, 2023

Looking for a bigger home? Looking for a more energy-efficient home? Looking to sell your home? Get in touch, whatever your property needs are!

Homes for first-time buyers, typically with two bedrooms, are selling exceptionally well right now. In March 2023, they were just 4% down on 2019, and average asking prices for the same period were down by just £500.*

The market for larger homes is a little slower, with sales agreed in March being 10% down on 2019 and second-stepper homes being 13% down.* This tells us that the market is in pretty good shape overall, but what is more obvious is that now is a great time to ascend the property ladder.

If you own a home that is suitable for first-time buyers, with two bedrooms or along the lines of a compact starter home, you will get a great price, and with larger homes selling a little lower than current asking prices, you are likely to get an offer accepted that will save you a bit of money.

Why is your starter home in such high demand?
There are many reasons why demand for smaller, more compact homes is high right now. There is the price of energy and the cost-of-living crisis. First-time buyers are looking to get on the ladder before the mortgage guarantee scheme, which makes it possible for first-time buyers to buy with a 5% deposit and is due to end in December this year. It stands to reason that smaller homes are cheaper to run, with less council tax and less maintenance, although this is not always the case. And with people downsizing to smaller homes, chances are that if you want to sell up, it will not take long before you are on the move.

How can you get more house per property pound if you buy bigger?
The short answer is that smaller homes are selling more quickly than larger homes, so the price of smaller homes is stronger, leading to less scope for negotiation. With asking prices for larger homes not quite as strong as those for smaller homes, you are essentially getting more house for your money. It stands to reason that if you find a bigger home and it’s taking a little longer to sell, and with asking prices achieved at a lower rate than those of smaller homes, you already have one foot in the front door. Bring your haggling hat; there is nothing more annoying than ridiculously low offers that will only get rejected. But there is more scope for a reasonable amount of manoeuvring on price.

The market will bounce back, and that bigger house may become out of reach!
Many analysts expect house prices to rise quite steadily in 2024. In March, average property prices rose by 0.8%.* This could be a sign that buyers now realise that now is a good time to move, and it is a sure sign that the market is healthy and stable. Without a crystal ball, the future is impossible to predict, but you might find that in the near future, larger homes will become out of reach as prices start to ascend more rapidly.

Interest rates
It’s no secret that interest rates are on people’s minds right now. However, with the recent announcement of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which predicts interest rates to fall back to pre-pandemic levels. Mortgage interest rates are on the way down, and with many analysts suggesting that they may return to much lower rates, when buying a home, you could consider higher interest rates to be temporary.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to check out the market and see what you can find. The joy of property hunting is that you never know what you might find. There are no fixed rules, but you might be surprised at what you could achieve.