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Inspect the property

Inspecting the property is one of the most important steps when it’s the end of a tenancy. This will allow you to identify if they have cared for and maintained your property. Once they have removed all their belongings from the property, you need to ensure you complete a thorough inspection. This inspection will allow you to confirm whether you return their deposit or not. As a landlord, you will need to provide a good reason with evidence to not return their deposit; otherwise, they could penalise you and involve the court. During this inspection, it is also important that you make sure the past tenants have removed all their items from the property.

Check previous payments

Finally, before exchanging the keys and returning the deposit for the property, we would recommend going through all your previous payments with them. This will allow you to guarantee that they have completed all their payments. We would also recommend checking if there are no outstanding council tax and utility bills under the address of the property before parting ways with the tenants. This will allow you to once again be certain they were good, respectful tenants before returning their deposit.

Deep clean

Once you have completed the process with the previous tenants and you are happy, we advise deep cleaning your property in preparation for new tenants. This is not a required step, but if the past tenants have not returned the property to its original state, you can claim part of the deposit towards the cleaning costs.

Re-list your property

Are you happy with your property? If so, the next step is to get it back on the market! After taking updated pictures of the property, it can then be listed and show encouraging new tenants for the future.

If you are an independent landlord or a new landlord entering the market for letting, we advise collaborating with an estate agent. This will reduce your involvement with clients and leave fewer tasks on your to-do list. Allowing you to rent out your properties stress-free.

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