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Rent out office spaces, outbuildings, or your driveway

Depending on the size of your location and how much extra income you are interested in earning, this will help determine what you are going to do. If you have large outbuildings, you have more options to rent out, without anyone entering your home. Whether they rent storage space, office space, a garage, or a workshop, it’s important to make sure the facility is well-maintained and compliant. If your home is at the edge of Wakefield city centre, hospitals or near a train line, it could be ideal for renting out your driveway.

Let your property

Letting your property is a great way to build a secure and prosperous financial future. Using a letting agent, such as Richard Kendall Estate Agent makes the process a lot smoother with a lot less effort. You can choose which level of managed service you like. For example, you may take care of maintenance yourself while we collect the rent and find referenced tenants. You may prefer a round-the-clock maintenance service for your property with a fully managed package. Whether you make a profit on the cost of your mortgage or not does not minimise your long-term return on investment.

Home improvements

As you pay off your mortgage and your home increases in value over the years, it’s earning money. You can accelerate this by improving it. Fitting a new kitchen can add to the value of your home, as well as a new bathroom Simple things can also make a difference. Decorating, improving lighting, and the energy efficiency of your home are also effective ways to add value. Fitting solar panels, and selling excess energy back to your local electricity board, is another canny way to make a few extra pounds from your home.

If you are due to re-mortgage and looking to release funds, can we help? 

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