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Moving home is about getting the numbers right and, of course, finding the right property. The good news is that on both counts, things are getting better, with home moving numbers on the up. But this is only part of the story of moving. As estate agents compete for your business, their levels of expertise and service improve, which is more good news for you. 


Like most industries, the benefits of rapidly improving technology makes it easier to connect people to your property. Thanks to improved property technology or ‘prop-tech’, agents can present your home to a vastly higher number of buyers in more efficient ways.

You are constantly informed about the latest market updates or potential homes through emails, e-zines, 3D tours, hosted videos, social media, and live chats to answer your burning questions day or night, not to mention automated searches and instant valuations. These tools all help in showcasing properties to a wider audience. 

Attention to detail

Through utilising your estate agents’ expertise, such as their experience, market knowledge and property intellect, you can rest assured knowing the utmost attention to detail is being paid. Place your mind at ease knowing your property is being positioned in the market relative to local activity and using market insights. Furthermore, your estate agent will endeavour to add a human touch and use their in-depth knowledge to aid with face-to-face valuations and accompanied viewings in order to find you the home which you truly connect with.

Placing the right value on your home

While today’s market is looking good with buyer and seller activity improving, it’s never been more important to place the right value on your home. It’s tempting to go with the agent who places the highest value on your property. Some homemovers will accept the first-highest valuation from an agent, only to sell later with another agent for a more realistic price. Today, good agents can place the correct valuation on your home derived from a combination of solid data, experience and their understanding of the market. The UK property market is more complex and differs from one region to another, making the insight of a good local agent imperative.

Communication and support

Agents have learnt, as perhaps we all have, that communication is key to making most things in life go smoothly. You do not want to be left wondering about how your sale is progressing. Often, agents get blamed for a slow solicitor or a break further down in the chain. A good agent will constantly update you, keeping you firmly in control of your move. As you move through the property-buying or selling process, your mind can be full of what-ifs and worries. Modern estate agents have the right people in the right places so that you get the best and latest advice to keep you from feeling anxious. Teams made up of valuation experts and seasoned mortgage advisors are complemented by recommended  conveyancers who will not want to keep clients waiting around where possible.

Final thoughts 

Ultimately, you want to ensure that the right value is placed on your home, with an attention to detail paid and experience expert communication throughout your journey. Thankfully, estate agents today have the skills and tools necessary to ensure this is possible like never before.

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