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Spring clean before you move

March 2, 2017

Spring and Summer are the most popular moving seasons. The days are gradually getting longer, giving you more time to complete the odd bits and bobs you’ve been putting off throughout winter. Having an untidy house can be distracting, and just knowing you need a tidy up can get in the way of productivity. If you read that whilst nodding, then a spring clean could be your answer!

Don’t leave planning until the day before!

If this is the year you are putting your property on the market, or you have already sold your house and ready to move out, you should start thinking about organising your belongings! Tidying isn’t enjoyable for the majority of people – but it can help to reduce stress on the day of your big move. Don’t leave the sorting out until the last minute – planning is key, so make sure you start early!

De-clutter and pack sensibly.

Go through your house and work out what you do and don’t want to take with you. Stuffing your belongings randomly into boxes will only make unpacking harder and more time consuming in your new home.

The big clean

Once you have found a home for your clutter, be it the bin or packed away in your boxes, it’s time to start cleaning! Make sure you have all the products you’ll need for the spring clean, such as furniture polish, dusters, window cleaner and cloths!

You might want to consider arranging for your new home to be cleaned before you move in. Many removal companies will be able to organise this for you, and it will save you time, allowing you to unpack your belongings into a clean house!


Old bed linens and towels can be used to cover furniture and carpets if you plan on painting your new home, so avoid throwing them away!

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