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Four key steps to becoming a successful buy-to-let landlord

June 20, 2023

The buy-to-let market is booming, with rents increasing by 11.1%*

The buy-to-let market is booming, with rents increasing by 11.1%*

This increase over the past twelve months is due to huge demand. But, it’s also going through a few changes, so stay on the right path with Richard Kendall Estate Agent, by simply following these 4 steps to success.

Talk to your agent
At Richard Kendall Estate Agent, we understand the property industry, so if you are looking to start a buy-to-let portfolio or add to it, we are the perfect place to start.

Find a fantastic property
You want a great return on your investment. We will help you find a great property in the right location at the right price, so you can maximise your rental yield.

Find the right tenants
Our dedicated team can take care of everything for you, from placing tenants to taking care of deposits and maintenance.

Stay informed
We will shine a light on the latest laws and reforms in the rental market. The Renters Reform Bill will create more opportunities for you to safe guard your investment and flourish as a landlord.

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