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The “kerb appeal” factors not to be overlooked.

January 22, 2018

It’s January, and if you’ve decided you’re going to move this year then there’s a good chance you’re preparing your property for sale as you read this. Kerb appeal is one of those things many know exists, but often it is overlooked, which can cause problems when trying to sell your property. Here’s the most overlooked factors of kerb appeal to consider when preparing your property for sale this year.

1. Tidy

We don’t just mean the obvious stuff like overflowing bins and childrens toys strewn across the garden. Remove fallen leaves and other debris from the lawn paths and borders. You’d be surprised about what potential buyers pick up on.

2. Walls, fences and boundaries

Ensure all essential repair work has been carried out. Replace any rotten posts and broken panels and ensure all paint work s up to scratch. Climbing plants are the perfect answer for transforming a garden fence if you want to take it to the next level.

A good tip is to cross the road, stand back and take a look at your property. Are the boundaries neat, tidy and in good repair? If you have a gate, make sure it’s clean and in full working order. Paint always helps, and neutral colours are favourable.

3. Lawns

If your front garden has a lawn, make sure it really is something to boast about. In the spring, give it a good feed and weed, keep it mown regularly but ensure you don’t mow too short.

4. Driveways

The modern front garden often must accommodate a car or two, but that doesn’t mean your driveway has to be crammed full of cars during viewings. You may want to consider parking your car elsewhere during viewings to make your garden seem bigger and less crowded.

5. Plants

It’s hard to beat a simple hanging basket filled with colour. In the Winter, however, this can be quite tricky, as the cold restricts your options. Remove any empty hanging baskets and instead focus on trimming back hedges and shrubs to ensure your garden and surrounding areas look as neat as possible.

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