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Watch your G’s and your F’s – New EPC legislation for landlords is now in place.

May 11, 2018

The new EPC rating legislation is now in place, but it's worrying to see how many landlords are still unaware of just what they should be doing, and the consequences involved if they don't adhere to the legislation.

On April 1st, new Minimum Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations came into place. This means all rental properties for new lets and re lets must have an energy performance certificate (EPC) or at least a level E or above. Landlords who fail to comply are facing fines of up to £4,000 if their properties rating isn’t up to the new standard.

Many landlords still have work to do to improve their rating, and recent research has revealed only 24% of landlords were able to identify the penalty fine correctly, and just over half knew that improving the insulation in their property could have a huge impact on raising the EPC rating.

According to UK Green Building Council, it is possible for landlords to improve their EPC rating for less than £2,500, considerably less than the fine they could face!

If you’re scratching your head, not sure where to start – take a look at this post for some helpful tips on how you can improve your Energy Performance Rating.