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What are tenants looking for?

December 6, 2023

As a landlord, you have an awesome future ahead of you, with the demand for rented accommodation growing ever stronger. But that’s no reason to rest on your laurels. The buy-to-let market is changing, and with that come new opportunities and challenges. Using a letting agent to handle the entire process is a shrewd move. They will keep you on the right side of the law and help sustain your rental income while giving you more time to enjoy life. As a landlord, you will want to know how to keep your tenants happy and optimise your investment, so here are a few features many tenants are highly interested in.

Energy efficiency
Many renters have become increasingly cost-conscious, so good energy efficiency is a high priority. Modern, clean living that is kind to the environment and has cheaper energy bills with added character is a win for all concerned. Energy-efficient homes are in high demand and can often achieve a higher rental income than less energy-efficient homes. Little things like LED light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances all add to this.

A well-presented home
Good double or triple-glazed windows trap heat while stopping it from escaping. But they also look good and help to create a nice greeting upon entering the property. If a home looks good, it will feel good, and if it’s in good order, it will attract good tenants. A nicely decorated home that is not in need of repainting or regrouting is often better cared for by its tenant, so it’s in your interest to keep your property in good shape.

A good garden
Good gardens are in high demand, and gardens with good outdoor living spaces are becoming expected. Even if you are letting a smaller property with little scope for a garden, adding a nice outdoor area will increase its desirability. This means more revenue for you and an increased level of demand. This will also encourage a good landlord-tenant relationship, allowing you to benefit from the stability that comes with that.

Your property’s location
Different tenants will have different needs, and your property’s location will have many positive points about it. Whether that’s being within walking distance of a great pub, social scene, shops, or if you have a young family, a good school. Excellent transport links also play a big role. The proximity of your property to the motorway, train station, or airport is important. Whether located near the city centre or in an idyllic country setting, your property’s location is a feature of what makes it great.

Make the most of your property
Adding smart technology to the heating system or security system will make your tenants feel secure. Perhaps a well-maintained parking space makes your property a great place to live. Many tenants also appreciate good storage space, and an open-plan design can often help create space. And where you can’t do this, add some mirrors and good lighting to increase the feeling of space.

Support with convenience
A managed property service makes the entire process of renting, for landlords and tenants, a breeze. Tenants can enjoy a swift and seamless move with everything from references to deposits taken care of. Landlords have their property maintained while being connected to experts who will ensure your property is always compliant with good, reliable tenants in place.

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