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#3in21 Challenge – They must be mad

February 24, 2020

Continuing on the success of the fundraising campaigns that so many of our staff were involved in last year, Simon and Claire Kendall have committed to helping The Wakefield Hospice raise much-needed funds this year by running three marathons in twenty-one days.

Both directors have decided to take on this mammoth task for reasons only they can explain. For Claire Kendall, she wanted to join her brother in what has quite obviously become a passion for him, and one which he is rather good at.  Coming in at 2hrs 55mins at Berlin Marathon in September 2019, Simon Kendall likes to push himself to the absolute limit. Based on how quick Simon can run a marathon, he has qualified for one of the most prestigious marathons in the world, Boston USA.  Together with Paris and the famous London Virgin Money Marathon Simon will have the opportunity to try and run for a personal best of under 2hrs and 50 mins.

Claire, on the other hand, has other ambitions, none are really to do with running!  Having completed three marathons in the past and running at races with her brother she says

“his enthusiasm for the sport and the benefits of running as a whole is infectious.  Simon will always be waiting for me at the end of a race with a big smile, giving me encouragement and congratulating me (no matter how slow my run was).  He will always see the positive in everything”. 

Claire decided to join Simon on this journey in order to help in raising funds for The Hospice, and given Richard has been selling homes for 50 years in the local area, she thinks she should be able to manage this milestone at the very least.

Richard Kendall has had a long-established relationship with the local Hospice and, to celebrate their anniversaries, they wanted to help a local charity who supports every individual within our local community.

Helen Knowles, Director of Fundraising and Retail Operations at the Wakefield Hospice commented

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon & Claire, brother and sister from Richard Kendall Estate Agent, for their continued support of Wakefield Hospice and say how fortunate and appreciative we are at the hospice. I wish them every success and best wishes in completing this feat of endurance by running 3 marathons in 21 days.”

Simon and Claire will run their first marathon in Paris on 5th April, with Simon travelling to Boston, USA for the City’s marathon on Monday 20th April whilst Claire will have already completed her second marathon on 19th April in Boston, Lincolnshire.  The pair will then reunite on Sunday 26th April to complete their #3in21 challenge in London.

To sponsor the page please go to their Just Giving Page or follow them on their training progress on Instagram @thegingerflyer and @clairevkendall