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5 summer design trends not to miss out on

July 17, 2018

Summer is here, and what better time is there to give your home a seasonal refresh before you sell? With this in mind, have a read of the interior trends taking over this year.

Tropical Prints

Last years tropical print pallet consisted of vibrant colours, whereas this year we are seeing a focus on prints with dark, jungle-esque backgrounds with plenty of greens and other tropical tones. If your furniture is dark, opt for shades of rich green. Smooth velvets This statement texture seemed to crop up everywhere last year, so it’s no surprise its come back in for another year. Add a spot of glam to your home by combining velvet with smooth metals and visual intrigue.

Earthy green tones

Lush greenery is e of the key symbols of spring, and many homes are likely to be dominated by this trend in the coming months. Deep forest greens, mossy shades, and pops of emeralds will give your home a boost throughout spring and into the summer. Embellishments and texture

Feathers, tufting tassels and fringing – you name it, it’s being used this spring. Whether they are featured on your cushions, rugs, wall hangings or accessories – these trends will add a handmade quality to your home. Materials like wicker and rattan also work well to give furniture a handmade feel. Combine textures from woven wicker to metal for another way to give your home a creative flair. Glittery gold Softer than silver and every so elegant, gold matches well with dramatic dark geometric walls. White gold detailing on doorknobs, handles, lamp bases and picture frames can make the room pop. Consider gold accessories a sophisticated yet understated addition.

Every new year brings an array of new interior design trends. By refreshing decor in your living home, you can improve your chances of attracting more prospective buyers.